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What is a Reiki session like?

First, you will need to discuss any physical or emotional concerns you are having with your Reiki Practitioner -- this will help them determine how the session should be customized for you.

Then, you will enter a room that has been prepared by a Reiki Master who has charged the area with positive energy.  I choose not only traditional Reiki preparation, but I also incorporate Native American smudging techniques using sacred white sage and sweet grass.

The room is dimly lit, filled with beautiful white candle light, while relaxing nature infused music plays in the background to aid your relaxation. Cedarwood incense burns as you lie down on the Reiki table, close your eyes, and allow the healing session to begin.

The Reiki Master will center herself, set an intention for what is to be accomplished, call on the Reiki energy to start flowing, and begin the session. 

A typical session will take between 45 and 90 minutes. Energy variations are identified during that time and Reiki energy is targeted at those areas deemed to be blocked, inflamed, or otherwise troubled. Both front and back of client are treated during the typical session.

Treatment is done with client fully clothed (only shoes are removed.) Reiki can be done using a hands-on method or with hands “hovering” if that is preferred. Reiki can also be done with client sitting in a chair if injury, illness, or circumstance does not permit client to lie on a Reiki table.

Often additional tools are used during a session. These tools may include crystals, essential oils, or a pendulum. The tools help the practitioner optimize your Reiki experience.

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